Happy Customers

I’ve just received the blouse I bought from you and wanted to tell you how delighted I am!! I don’t usually buy online as I rather try clothes on, but I’m SO glad I took my chances. The blouse is gorgeous, it fits perfectly and I can’t wait for the weather to improve to start wearing it! I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for a beautiful work and congrats in making a difference in the fashion world.

Matxalen, Spain


I just received my fourth dress from Pyne & Smith and I have to tell you how much I love your company and products! Each of the dresses are beautifully made, comfortable, and I get many compliments whenever I wear them. I've spent maybe way too much on dresses, but I'm happy to support such a wonderful company!

Jeannie, Virginia


Oh my goodness, never before in my 35 years have dresses fitted and suited me so well, I am almost crying I am so happy! Thank you thank you thank you, I am dancing around the house and the kids and husband agree, it’s like I’ve been waiting for your dresses all my life. 

Janke, England


I ordered one of your dresses this month for the first time- in plum check. I just wanted to let you know that I really love it- thank you so much. I love the combination of practicality and beauty with the ethical premise and I'm sure I will be ordering again sometime. In the meantime, I will treasure this dress!

Bea, Kent, England


I have to admit that I rarely “splurge” on handmade clothing for myself. Your caring, your promptness, your understanding has been an eye-opening experience. What a pleasure to communicate with a real person. My purchasing habits will most definitely change based on this experience. 

Holly, Florida


 I just want to say that I love my Pyne & Smith dresses so much.  Thanks for helping me to get out of my jeans rut.  I’m a mama of five, so clothes money is not free flowing.  It got to the point where I would need to buy at least 3-4 pairs of expensive skinny jeans a year, only for them to last around 7 months.  I would try patching, but even those wouldn’t last long.  Last summer I bought three P&S dresses and I am so excited that investment is still going strong!  Plus, I feel beautiful while wearing them, which isn’t always a guarantee with jeans.  Anyway, just wanted to say thanks.  I’m grateful for you guys.

Karin, Maine


I received my dresses yesterday, and I just wanted to tell you how much I love them! I feel amazing in them and wanted to thank you for making such beautiful clothes. It's so hard not to order every single one.

Karlie, Canada


As someone who worked in the garment industry for over a dozen years and then finally left after witnessing and being an unwitting party to too much greed and destruction, which sounds dramatic but is true, I just wanted to say thank you for your consideration. I appreciate the care you put into your line. 

Micol, New York


I just got my blue dress today,  I love it! I love the fabric,  it's so soft,  the shape,  the card you sign. Your dresses are my luxury wardrobe,  I wear them all the time! 

Ludivine, Georgia


Thanks Joanna! I love your dresses - they are just super comfortable and look awesome - I have my eye on the non-collared button up one in black too. (Here I am in the the Galapagos wearing one from the last order!) Keep up the good work!

Laura, California


Joanna,  Just wanted to let you know that my dress arrived on time and seriously it is my favorite dress ever. I meant to write earlier but we were in the midst of things happening ...I will definitely order more in the future!

Kat, Poland (Fine Artist)


I have to tell you, I have worn my dress 4 times in the past 10 days. I am in LOVE. My best friend and business partner is visiting me and I've got her ordering one too! AND, I went out and my daughter spilled a rich tomato sauce on it and it came out. Which is crazy...anyway! Thank you so much. Fan for life!

Stacey, Utah


I received the dress today! Thank you very much to make it happen before I move out of the current place. I love the dress for its design and material. So comfy and functional for this summer as well as it's stylish! 

Yuni, Texas


I received my first dress from you yesterday and just wanted to say Thank You and keep doing what you're doing.

I had forced myself to go to the mall the other day, as my body has changed since having a baby a year ago, and I'm at a loss where to buy basics in Baltimore, and generally don't like shopping online.

I came home empty handed and so disgruntled and sad about the world (and my body, and the state of fabric quality in our clothes!) and found my perfect fitting P&S dress on the porch and when I put it on I almost cried. That felt silly, but it's true!

I spent the last decade screen printing and designing a small clothing line, and know how hard running a business is, and especially doing it ethically and sustainably, and all by hand. Your clothes are so well made, and the fabric is wonderful.

Rachel, Maryland


I'm just writing to send you all the encouragement, and sincere thanks - for making clothes I feel like myself in. I've actually been gushing over it so much my husband said get another. Now I just have to decide which one. I love so many things about this dress, the care it was made with, the fabric, the versatility, but mostly how it makes me feel. 4 kids later finding something you feel comfortable and beautiful in is a rare gift, so thank you for that! I can't wait to add another piece to my closet!! XX Stephanie 

Stephanie, Tennessee


I want to give a huge THANK YOU for shipping my dress before my vacation! I wore it exploring through San Francisco one day and then a couple times while we were near Lake Tahoe. It fit so perfectly and was so great to have on the trip. I attached a picture of me in it - smiling big because I was happy to be on vacation and happy to be in the dress.

Julia, Texas


I just wanted to say how much I ADORE the dress! Just received it and it fits perfectly... can not wait to wear it everywhere. Thank you so very much for everything you do!

Lindsay, California  (Illustrator)


Just wanted to let you know I am *so* happy with the two dresses I recently ordered from yourself (red plaid and navy and white check design.) I receive so many compliments when I wear them which is lovely but mainly I just feel great when put on your dresses! They are super easy to wear but instantly make me feel together - which is no small feat, ha! I can’t explain it but I feel very much like myself when I wear them. I see your IG following grow and your beautiful dresses appear more and more and I’m really happy for you. I know it must be incredibly hard work to produce such gorgeous products.

Carmen, London, England


Thank you for the two beautiful dresses. The weather took a dip into some cooler weather last week and I was very excited to wear the ankle length black linen dress. Now we are back into our hot humid east coast temperatures and I'm rotating between my other two dresses from you. I follow you on instagram, so know how busy you are making dresses! 

Diana, Virginia


I really wanted to thank you again for your amazing customer service. I received the dress yesterday and it fits like a glove. I've already washed it and it is ready to come on vacation to the south of France with me! I will definitely be getting more of these one of a kind dresses in the future.

Caroline, San Francisco 


Just received my second dress and these are simply the most treasured pieces in my closet! You have such a gift!!!! I can't wait to add another when fall rolls around. Thanks again! 



I'm so happy to get this message from you! I can't even tell you how glad I am to have discovered you and your dresses. It's been really hard for me to find clothing that matches my personal style and that actually fits me. In recent years as my weight has fluctuated and work has demanded more and more of my time, I've ended up in clothing that doesn't reaffirm my sense of self at ALL, but that I wear because it fits and I didn't have the time or the energy not to just settle. I remember discovering Pyne and Smith over a year ago and getting so excited and then immediately bummed because I knew there wouldn't be sizes that I could actually wear. I don't know if you expanded your size options since then, or if I just wasn't paying close enough attention the first time I found you, but when I went back to your site recently and saw XL and even XXL options I was thrilled.

Triona, New York


Good morning Joanna, I am actually wearing my first Pyne and Smith dress today!  It is the black shift dress and I LOVE it! it is so easy and soft. Thank you for creating what women really want to wear.

Lisa, New York


My dress came today and I love it!! It fits perfectly.  It’s roomy but still flattering. There’s just something about putting on a new dress you know was made by hand in great fabric that makes you feel special. I know it will be my ‘uniform’ all summer. Thanks again and I look forward to my next purchase.

Joanna, Illinois


Hi Joanna, I  received my dress in the mail first thing this morning and I'm in love! I put it on immediately and have felt pretty and comfy all day. I'm so thankful for Instagram as I might never have found you otherwise.  You're dresses are amazing and you're doing an awesome job. I'm looking forward to further expanding my wardrobe.

Julia, Colorado (Photographer)


I just wanted to say a big thank you for my beautiful dresses. They arrived on Waiheke Island, New Zeland safe and sound a few weeks back and now the weather is finally warming I can wear them. Comfy yet classic! Everywhere I go people stop me and ask where I got them from. 

Holly, New Zealand


Joanna! The dress is in my possession and on my person and it fits like a glove! It is better than I could have even imagined! I cannot thank you enough for your above and beyond customer service. I'm already a fan and have been spreading the word but obviously will continue to do so. Can't wait to purchase something from you again in the future. My husband is a business owner and he also never goes back on his word and goes above and beyond as well so I appreciate you, and your efforts are not lost on me. Thank you again for your kindness.

Steph, Michigan


I LOVE the dress! Yesterday was the first time I really wore it. I played on the floor with my baby, went to a nice lodge for lunch, it was 100 degrees here, I nursed 5 times, I got baby puke all over me- and at the end of the day when I went to the grocery store I felt amazing, I felt like a human, I felt stylish and cool. I really thought the dress was going to look good and be "sort of versatile"- like yeah, it has buttons, but I didn't think it would be as easy as it was to nurse (I have been living in nursing camis and yoga pants) ugh. It felt. so. good. to wear a beautiful dress! 



The wife loves the dress so much! Thank you thank you thank you

Zack, New York


I received the dress yesterday - it is UNBELIEVABLE!!! I am so pleased, it is absolutely beautiful. And I love the weight of the fabric too!

I cannot wait until monday to wear it to work! It is just so beautiful. 

Thank you so much, you've done an amazing job! Thank you thank you thank you! 

Britta, San Francisco


The dress is absolutely perfect!! Thank you! I'm just going to live in it. And recommend your dresses to all my friends. You're the best!

Jenn, New York


Beautiful fabric - light weight with a fine hand. The design is comfortable and good for all occasions. Well crafted. A friendly shop.

Susie, California


Beautiful dress that is very well made with a lovely linen. I love it! I'll be back for another soon! Thank you!


ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Exactly what I was looking for. Can't wait to get more dresses from this shop. Well made and wonderful fabric, very flattering.

Kate, Georgia


I love my dresses! They are super comfortable and fit beautifully. Thank you, Joanna!

Katherine, Florida


Joanne makes beautiful dresses!!! This is my second one, but I plan to purchase many more!! I love how well they fit my shape, and how beautiful her fabrics are! Her dresses are also super comfortable!! You can wear them out to dinner on a date or grocery shopping with your toddler (at least I do both:)) I just change my shoes:)

Amber, Florida


Beautiful! I love everything about this dress. Thank you so much! Will definitely be coming back for more in the future!

Helena, Washington (Photographer)


I love my new dress! Very pretty, great quality, and so comfortable! Joanna was awesome to work with - I needed to get the dress before leaving on vacation so she had it ready in just a few days and it arrived at my house even earlier! Good packaging and fast shipping. I love this shop, thank you again Joanna!

Caroline, Pennsylvania


This dress is perfection! The cut is absolutely darling and so forgiving. I love how it can be both casual and dressy depending on how you accessorize. The seller was very communicative and shipping was prompt. I can't wait to order my next Pyne & Smith dress!

Lauren, Maine


Beautiful work as always! The wool elevates this dress to a special heirloom piece in my closet. This fit was made for me. So flattering. Thank you!

Clarabelle, Alaska


Love my beautiful dress. Just really lovely linen in a nice easy fit design. Well crafted. Great for hot summer days.

Susie, California


So soft! So cute. I love working with pyneandsmith. So helpful.

Holly, Utah


Love this dress! It's very comfortable, and extremely well-made. Joanna is very kind and quick to answer any questions you may have. I ordered two dresses, and she shipped both in a matter of days so that I could have them for an event. She is amazing! Love all of her dress designs, and can't wait to order more.

Cami, Idaho


LOVE this beautiful dress. Gorgeous linen, and even better in real life than in the pics(I know, hard to believe!). Jo was fantastic with responding to me as well. I've got my main summer dress, will wait till winter to purchase my winter one;)

Yvonne, Australia


Such a cute, easy to wear dress on its own or layered over a blouse. Plus, POCKETS! :D

Laura, New York


This dress is the best! Even a stranger came up to me to tell me that she thought my dress was "rad". That's never happened to me before. Also it's great for any ladies out there who are breastfeeding. The buttons down the front make it easy breezy.

Gillian, New York


Beautifully made. This dress will be with me for many years to come. Joanna was incredibly easy to work with and did not hesitate when I asked her to make the dress a couple of inches shorter for my petite frame. It's rare to find such quality garments tailored to your measurements! I will definitely be ordering again.

Kia, Alaska


Superb quality and craftsmanship - really the reason to go to etsy is to find something made with this level of skill in the modern world. Ready to buy more!

Lisa, England