A Day in the Life of a Creative: Salina.


Meet Salina. While her job as an account manager takes up her daytime hours, Salina is a talented, passionate creative, and a slow fashion leader in the IG community, @salina_wears, with a voice that educates compassionately, her words always resonate with me, and she makes me believe we are all better humans for following her. I love taking inspiration from Salina’s street style, beautiful layers of linen, wrap belts, boots, coats - she inspires me regularly.
You can follow Salina’s creative work as a potter - @fu_ceramics (I am the lucky owner of two beautiful pots that I use in my kitchen).

Salina wears Model No.17 from our 2018 Spring/Summer line.

Salina wears Model No.17 from our 2018 Spring/Summer line.

Tell us who you are, what you do, and a little back ground info about yourself.

I always have a hard time with "Who are you?" questions. I struggled for the last two weeks to come up with a good answer that I felt comfortable sharing publicly. So often, especially with Instagram, people post only the best parts of their lives and it's misleading. Today I thought I would share a more authentic self.
My name is Salina and I'm still figuring out who I am. My current job as an account manager isn't my dream. I've previously worked in fashion and beauty PR, and realized that it wasn't my financial ceiling. I went to a coding bootcamp for nine months and after a six month job search I landed my first web development internship and later got hired full time as a developer. Unfortunately, after four months my company started transitioning and I was left with the choice to leave or to take on a completely different role.

But our jobs don't fully define us. I'm also a creative person who loves art. To give you an idea, when I was 17 at my summer fashion internship, a graphic designer taught me Photoshop over the phone (he had a chronic illness and couldn't be at the office). It was then I realized I liked editing photos and doing layouts. In a year, I ended up doing all the email marketing, from design to deployment, at this small clothing label. It makes sense that designing websites later became an interest for me. Earlier this year I started taking pottery classes and that has been a really great outlet for me also.

What’s a typical day in the life for you?

Salina working on Pottery.

Salina working on Pottery.

My typical working day is really boring. I usually check Instagram when I wake up at 8am. I lay in bed to catch up on some friends' stories and read through a few posts. I get ready and figure out what I'm going to wear based on weather and who I'm seeing that day. If it's pottery night, I might pack a jumpsuit to change into.

If my partner is with me, he'll snap my outfit photo for me on our way to work. I'm at the office from 9:30am-6pm. After work I walk home and take a shower. I might binge a tv show as I eat dinner. Sometimes I have evening conference calls with my team in Singapore and that usually happens between 8-10pm. It's a once a week thing if I'm lucky. Certain nights (usually Mondays and Fridays) I go directly to the pottery studio after work. I scroll through Instagram before bed and I try to sleep by midnight. Rinse and repeat.

Salina wears the Overalls in  Blue Chambray

Salina wears the Overalls in Blue Chambray