A Day in the Life of Gina: Writer & Salsa Dancer


Meet Gina, a writer who works from home, has lived and studied internationally and gives back to her community by leading studies at a women’s prison.

Gina has been a Pyne & Smith customer for a few years, and her photos are beautiful to see, but her kind nature is prevalent, and her passion for Ethical fashion inspiring. I love seeing her posts and hearing more about her day to day! I also discovered Gina’s website, which is full of info about Ethical Fashion, and also Mens’ Ethical Fashion - a rare find!
You can read Gina’s Blog here or visit her Instagram here.

Gina wearing the  Overalls in Black  Linen.

Gina wearing the Overalls in Black Linen.

Tell us who you are, what you do, and a little back ground info about yourself.

I grew up in a small, waterfront town close to Seattle, then moved to France on a whim when I was 19. I planned to stay there for a year, but ended up staying six years, so that’s where I finished university, got really good at salsa dancing and packing picnics, and started my career in editing and non-fiction writing.
The writing part has evolved over the years—first in journalism and now in instructional design, which means that I develop curriculum. (In the last year I’ve got to create courses for adults on DevOps, data analytics, and digital marketing.) It’s one of those glorious remote positions, so I get to work from my couch.

I love…

- My husband.
- Our dog (and all dogs in general).
- Taking pictures of people (my first photography class was in middle school).
- True crime podcasts (#ssdgm).
- Healthy debates and learning something new that changes my mind.
- That I can make the world a softer place for people and animals through ethical/sustainable purchases.

What’s a typical day in the life for you? (so, just a run through of your typical working day.)

My schedule changes a little every day. During the week, my two constants are working and taking my goldendoodle, Harlow, on a long walk during my lunch break.
On Tuesdays I also visit the chiropractor (that’s probably a boring detail to include, but it’s also one of my favorite places; my chiropractor and I are always swapping book recommendations—we both loved “Being Mortal,” by Atul Gawande—and when I leave it feels like I just visited a spa); on Wednesdays I lead a bible study at a local women’s prison in the morning and try to spend time with two of my favorite girlfriends in the evening, and on Thursdays I work from my office in Seattle so that my coworkers don’t forget that I exist. Weekends are for reading and trying to talk my hubby into visiting a plant nursery. 

Gina wearing the  Model No.22  in Blueberry Check Linen

Gina wearing the Model No.22 in Blueberry Check Linen