England, Summers & Adventures in Dresses

Many of you know that I moved to California from England, when I was 19. I am fortunate to be able to go back to stay in my Family home in Devon, most summers. I love that my son can experience the life in rural England that I grew up with, climbing trees, the rich earthy air, the sweet smell of hay being cut, cups of tea and long walks in the countryside. Not only is it important for us as a family, but creatively, the rich history, architecture and culture of Europe is inspirational and absolutely a factor in why Pyne & Smith came to be.

Creating imagery is an important part of running Pyne & Smith, which is probably why Instagram has been a natural path documenting not only dressmaking, but to share my dreams and create magical imagery around the dresses. The opportunity to share beautiful scenes - adventures in dresses, scenes I imagine from fictional books, while having a rich, wild, beautiful background in the British countryside gives real insight into why I began Pyne & Smith - to create a garment that was timeless in style, but comfortable and functional, built to last and wear daily, made from a natural fiber. Here are some of my favorite photos from our last few trips back!

Joanna McCartneyComment